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You deliberate for a little while, pondering what feels like it could be the safest course of action - you know you aren’t going to get anywhere if you dwell in the lake for too long. Finally, you decide that while the wate feels nice, you want to try by land first and see where this weird forest path leads.


You climb out of the little lake and start down the path between the trees.


As you move, you note that this feels weirdly man-made, rather than a natural path - the way it has formed between the rows of trees and how it’s smooth dirt, devoid of rocks or weeds.


You head onwards, regardless, since this information doesn’t seem to be important right now - and instead you look ahead of you, to the strange cave-like thing you saw from the lake. As you get closer to it, you see that it is some sort of cave sticking out of the ground, with trees growing all around it, preventing you from seeing anything beyond.


You get close to the opening of the cave - there are stalagmites and stalactites poking out, looking like fangs on some gigantic mouth. Yet inside is actually lit, enough where you don’t feel like you’d get lost in the dark if you ventured in.

Written by Hollowpages on 16 May 2019

Both Into the Cave

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