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"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" you exclaim as your body starts to change. First to change is your upper body, your chest growing out into a pair of breasts.


"Your turning me into a girl?" you ask the genie.
The genie smiles "Of course. I need more females for my lion prides"
"But, this isn't fair" you complain. The genie shrugs "Fair, not fair, it's what's going to happen anyway. You should not of insulted me if you did not want this".
"Now your face is still male so let's change that" he says, pointing at your face. Your lips begin to swell and become fuller, growing redder and redder until they become a deep crimson red. Your nose shrinks and becomes smaller, becoming a cute button nose. Your eyes cloud over, the blue orbs turning into a deep hazel.
"Of course we need to have a little bit of lioness in your face" he says. You feel little fangs growing in your mouth. You long, flowing black hair grows down your back and its tied into a ponytail. Your eyebrows grow in thicker and darker. The final touch is a thin black streak in your hair.
"There, your upper body is now complete. Now for the lioness part of your body" he says, walking in front of you. You feel your manhood begin to disappear, followed by a strange feeling of something moving inside you. Your hips widen into a more feminine shape as your bottom suddenly grows, becoming larger. Your thighs fill out, the muscles growing larger. Hair begins to sprout from your legs and your feet.
A long tail grows out from underneath your clothes. You feel it growing longer and thicker. Now their is still one trace of your old self left."Watch between your legs" he says."You still need to be made female their". You feel weird and strangely turned on as you see your male parts disappearing, a new hole appearing.
"Now, let's make this hole able to have children" he says, as your entrance slowly expands, becomes raw and red, and then is covered in a new layer of skin.
"And we're done with your physical changes" he says. You can feel your new female parts, the intimate area sore and tender. You grope your new chest as you look at yourself. Your old male body now completely turned into a female one. Your old human self partially made into a lioness.
"Your clothes need a few changes though" he says, looking at your clothes. Your normal clothes begin to disappear, the lower clothes dissolving into nothing. Your upper clothes shrinking into a bra just covering your breasts.
"Perfect" he says. A single mirror appears in front of you. You look at yourself. The face that stares back isn't one you recognize, a face almost as pretty as your sister's. You are startled out of your thoughts as the genie snaps his fingers again.
"We're done" he says. You feel very strange in your mind. Everything feels foggy now, you can't even focus on a single thought for some reason. You feel the genie tap your head.
"There, no need for you to think now, you'll be perfectly happy in whatever state you're in now. Sleep now" he says. You do exactly that.

Written by aidungeon on 02 January 2021

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