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You nod your head, a smirk forms on her face as she grabs your hand.
“Thank you dear.” She continued. “Now come with me young one.” she led you through the winding tunnels beneath the palace, the two of you walk along in silence through the narrow walkways. Your feet slide against the dank smooth surfaces of the rock with every step you take, you watch the Queen’s haunches shift as she leads you even deeper into the darkness. Not long after walking, your eyes begin focusing on a bright light shining down into the tunnel, it’s piercing white glow stretched its sharp tendrils into the room as you began to emerge from the other side.
As the Queen exited through the cave threshold, you follow close behind her, wondering what lay just beyond the dark tunnel. The light began to engulf the two of you as your eyes began to focus, you find yourself in a painted all white room, the opulence was radiating from the intricately designed moulding lining every corner of the enormous rectangular space.
Shock filled your eyes as your pupils shrank to filter out the extra light, you find yourself in a large room, the king was seated in a chair, directly in the middle of the room. The doubled pawsteps of you and the queen echoed through the room as you two approached.
“Hello there my dears!” The booming voice of your father rang out against the large walls, the two of you walk around to the front of the chair to face him as he sits atop his seat. “Are we ready for preparation?” he asked, as he leans back, you and your mother reaches for some makeup tools nearby, she begins to groom his silky black fur, brushing it down flat against his muscular brow ridge as she slicks back his hair with a thick pomace of cream.
“Here Deary, can you get the perfume for me?” your mother asks you. You nod and search around quickly, before quickly scooping up a small bottle of pink liquid, the puff ball at the end of it was soft and fluffy. You sprayed it into his face, he coughed slightly as the thin mist covered his face, the aroma almost choked him as he breathed it past his nostrils.
You and your mother quickly prepared for his showing, before finalizing the look with his regal golden robes, the bustle of the kingdom can be heard preparing themselves for his speech not far away.
“Here we are now.” The queen says, looking at her king with glowing eyes, a half smile spread across her face. “Now we are ready for your big performance!” You watch as the queen stands him up and leads him out of the room, and onto a stage, accessed from a ladder leading directly up through a narrow hole in the ceiling. Before your mother begins up the ladder she looks back at you with a wink, at this moment you realize there is something very important you are forgetting.
You shrug it off and begin your way up the ladder as well, before walking to the side of the stage and down into the crowd, directly in the front stage; you sit and watch your father set up to begin his big speech. The mumbling crowd begins to fall silent as the sounds of him preparing his notes, flattening his garbs, and clearing his throat caught everyones’ attention.
First it was him clearing his throat, then a cough, then it continued into a fit of heaving and panting, his heavy frame fell to his knees, his front legs barely able to hold his weight, his hind legs collapsed, causing him to fall to his side coughing. Immediately he was taken away, the crowd remained silent, starstruck, with open eyes. In a moment you watch your mother wailing, following the king off stage, your brother was nowhere to be found.
Later that night during the family meeting you and your sibling discuss the matters with your mother, therefore crowning you princess, and your mother queen regent. And as a young queen, your mother had already prepared multiple plans in case of something like this happening. And she took on the responsibilities like a true team player, picking up all of the responsibilities her late husband left behind. To you, she was always a warrior, and you were destined to follow in her footsteps, soon after her reign, whenever that will be. Unbeknownst to you, your mother will have lived a long life up until her nineties.

Written by Driftingdragon on 08 March 2020

The end (for now)
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