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You pause and glance around to double check, covering the bracelet with your other hand - thankfully, as you scan these depths, you are indeed able to see, for it is murky like the top portion where the ships were, rather than pitch black. You feel a swell of relief at this and return your attention to the chest.


Perhaps this is what you’re meant to find, you think. You can’t imagine any other reason for you to be down here, after all, and you have nothing else to do at this point but to press forward. So, you pluck the orb from the bracelet and press it into the slot where it belongs. You feel it slide in, and then, it is lodged there. You see the green glow flicker several times, then vanish completely, and you can tell in your gut that this was where it belonged.


How you got it, you don’t know, nor do you know why it was on some random bracelet. But it’s a little too late to question it now, so, you shrug it off.


One down, you think. But where is the other? You don’t recall any other bracelets when the transformation finished. There was only the one you put on that was now in the chest. So, where could it be? Was it back where you’d come?


You mull around for a moment, trying to see where this other gem could be since you imagine it should be somewhere around here. You don’t see any odd glows anywhere, however, nor are you sure what color it would be, so it must be far enough where it won’t glow, or perhaps it’s inside of something. There are many options, unfortunately, and it leaves you a little flustered.


You begin to feel concerned, at least until you spot something in the distance - you have to squint to see easier, and notice that it is some sort of large building type structure. Why it’s down here underwater, or where it even came from, you aren’t entirely sure. It doesn’t seem like any sort of structure you’ve ever seen before.

Written by Hollowpages on 04 May 2019

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